Dance Masters: Marcel Marceau

Mar 12, 2018

Marcel MarceauMarcel Marceau was very special artist and man who I had the great pleasure and honor to meet and talk with.

It was a magical night. I went to see Marcel’s performance as research for a very special show called From the Heart of Love that I was creating with Richard Lawson. We wanted to put a mime section in the show and we wanted to get some inspiration from the Master!

I was working on a piece from our show that morning and had some big reservations on how it would be received by Richard and the cast the next day. I knew I was breaking a lot of rules in the dance world to create this piece and it scared me but the process felt exciting and right to me.

But, still I was scared shitless to show it. I was afraid that others might not see it that way I did…

As I sat in the audience that night I learned from the Master. He presented a series of vignettes. He moved with grace, humor and heart. All the stories he told through his moments and gestures communicated to me in a big way. Some with music and some without as I recall.

They made me laugh and cry. His work was specific and detailed and uninhibited – I was riveted at how freely and intently he used his body. I felt his heart, my heart and the whole audience’s heart at the same time. I was so inspired!

I knew with full confidence after experiencing Marcel’s work that night that even though the piece I was working hard on was not conventional to the dance world and all that I had seen up to that point, I knew the piece communicated and told a story.

It was specific and detailed. It made me laugh and cry. It was true to my heart from where I created it. The fear vanished and I was so excited to present it the next day.

I was so excited to meet Marcel and tell him that I was working on a piece and how his worked really inspired me that night and helped me be confident in my vision and process. He was gracious and kind to me. I will never forget how his heart-warming smile and embrace touched me so deeply that night. He was truly a magical presence and one I will never forget. ❤

As a side note, I presented the piece the next morning. The audience laughed and cried. The piece communicated and touched their hearts and the piece became one of the high points of From the Heart of Love!


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