DanceAbility Tip: SEE – ADMIRE – REFINE – PRAISE

Apr 20, 2017

Maria with a student in her Dance Basics Boot CampThese are 4 simple steps I do when I work. When I’m creating or teaching I have trained in to myself this simple process.

I SEE what I’m looking at, whether it be me when I’m dancing or a piece I’m choreographing or a student or class I am teaching. I observe it for what it is in the present.

Then I ADMIRE what is right about it – what I like. This brings me closer to it and more in communication with what I am trying to achieve. It actually makes me feel good about it and when that happens I become more interested and excited in continuing.

Then I REFINE. I find the points I want to improve upon and I start fixing and refining them bringing them closer to what it is aesthetically I’m wanting to achieve.

Lastly, I PRAISE my efforts. Seriously, I say to myself Good job! or Yes! when I’m satisfied and have seen the change that I have intended.

This process keeps me in a healthy creative state consistently. I enjoy my work, the process and my progress. It keeps me out of being “perfectionistic” which is a joy killer! It takes some practice but I have found it to be very helpful! 🙂


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