DanceAbility Tips: Direction in Choreography

Mar 12, 2018

In learning choreography always remember geography—the direction the dance is going in is a gradient in learning choreography.

So many times I see dancers or people learning to dance invalidate themselves when it comes to learning choreography. If they don’t get it right away they become frustrated and discouraged often telling themselves they can’t dance or saying they’re uncoordinated and terrible.

They just don’t give themselves a chance and end up quitting.

Learning choreographing should be fun and approached like a game. Don’t get perfect about it.

A great Master Dance Teacher, Claude Thompson told me once: approach learning choreography like putting together a puzzle. Sometimes you get the first part. Sometimes you get the end or maybe the middle. Each time out getting another piece until you got the whole dance.

I can tell you one thing for sure it is not a judgement on your ability! The more you do it the easier it gets!

This little bit of advice from Claude changed my whole attitude and approach to learning choreography. It became super fun just like when I used to put puzzles together when I was a kid! I didn’t beat myself up for putting the wrong piece in, I just kept searching for the piece that fit and I was so happy with myself when I did! 🙂

But always remember going in the direction of the choreography is geography – the landscape or the blue print of the dance. It is a basic gradient in learning choreography and it is valid.

Just go with the flow, don’t stop yourself or get in your head. Just have fun and keep on putting the pieces together and clarifying your questions. You will see it will become second nature and make dancing even more fun!


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