DanceAbility Tips: Just show up!

Mar 9, 2016

I understand that sometimes it is SO HARD to get to class, but if dance is the thing that helps you in your art, to feel good, just make it go right to show up. You’re gaining on it, you’re getting more out of class. Remember the wins you’ve had, and the goals that you’re nearer to. You can strengthen your will when you do that.

When I see ability gained, I see it from the people that show up consistently. There is no magic involved, it’s just consistency. If you half-go at something you’re not going to get the product you might really be striving for.

That’s why I wanted to create a safe space for learning the basics of dance. We’re all growing together; we have our goals and purposes. We are strengthening our will to get the products we’re after in art, in life, for our well-being.

I’m interested in forward progress for all. This includes me, as a teacher. That’s my bigger payoff. It keeps me going because I see people improving, becoming more self-confident, coordinated, gaining new awareness of body and health, and overall being and happiness.

I understand it, I’m an artist and I go through it as well. I simply tell myself “just shut up and show up.” Shut up to the voices, I’m tired, my body hurts, 5 min more snooze, too much to do, stressed out, my family’s in town, I just need to rest. The million considerations and things that we put in our way.

Truth is if you can just get yourself to the studio—I’ve seen it with myself and with others—that’s the day a breakthrough happens. I’ve seen it so many times.

Also, come to class because dance is that amazing magical elixir that seems to dissipate or melt down all those blues, thoughts and considerations. You feel so energized and so much better, usually within the first 10 minutes. You can change a day that may be headed in a bad direction into a wonderful direction, have a better day, get the endorphins going. Dance is the thing that can lift your spirit and make the day ahead a much more positive one.

So, just show up and things will be fine.


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