DanceAbility Tips: Overcoming “Mirror Fear”

Jan 14, 2016

dance mirrorsMany students experience the “mirror fear”. There’s this huge mirror in front of you, making it super easy to see every possible flaw and out-ness about your body, your technique, your dancing.

For those of you that have “mirror fear,” even a little, I urge you in the new year to look at the mirror in a new way: as a TOOL, as a friend and not as a critic. View the mirror as a device that allows you to see yourself in a basic, physical way: are your hips square to the front, do you have tension in your hands, are your shoulders up, is your head tilted?

This gives you the power to physically see these things and fix it, just give it a tweak (not personally criticize yourself)—enabling you to get the basics really IN, and then excel at your DanceAbility!

When you use that mirror to fix and tweak technically, then move on to the next step: admire about what’s right and be able to see the change. Admire the change that is happening in you. I have found you get what you focus on, so why not focus on what’s good about what you’re doing?

It’s tough learning dance (or anything, really) with a critical mindset. That’s why I begin class with Admiration, for yourself and others, enabling you to look in the mirror and use it as your tool to perfecting the basics.


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