Corporate Events

Corporate Team Building

In most cases, you might not be aware of the concept of building morale within personnel with creative programs…but that is exactly what Maria is a master at doing; Coming into a corporate atmosphere and developing programs that bring the staff together with dance programs, creative events and just about anything that will unite the company structure into a more fun environment where people look forward to coming to the office.

Mattel Corporate Becomes Mattel Fun Place

Maria took 60 of Mattel’s top toy designers to a whole new place to create from…the company rented the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California and Maria told the toy designer…“Game On!”

She created a unique event using dance to take their imagination and creativity to a higher level before their final brain storming session. Maria split them into teams and the result from this event was they experienced how the they could actually be even more creative and happier toy designers than they already were. They also experienced a deeper sense of collaboration and community between themselves.