Message from Maria: Happy New Year!

2016 is going to be a fantastic year! I am so excited to be introducing my newest class, the Dance Basics Boot Camp to the public. With this new intensive workshop structure and technique, I feel confident we can make a dancer out of anyone—and have fun doing it as well!

I developed this class over the past 7 months when I realized that over the years, so many people came to tell me their dance troubles:  they can’t pick up choreography, can’t get steps down, fall short in the dance portion of auditions, feel uncoordinated, clumsy, and can’t keep up in class. Many would say they just couldn’t dance and give up—while inside really wanting to express themselves and have fun with dance. DanceCreate logo

In the fall I launched the Pilot for my program. Over 30 students joined us for the 4 week challenge: get the basics of dance down, put the steps together and let loose and have fun with dance. It was a huge success!

I am so excited to be releasing my tested and proven 4-week plan to get you secure in dance basics and dancing freely—without the usual self-criticism getting in the way of you having fun and expressing yourself!

We begin on Saturdays with the Dance Basics Boot Camp I at 10:30am. This is for absolute beginners, or anyone who wants to streamline and get total certainty on the basics, how to do them and improve upon their form. Next is the Dance Basics Boot Camp II at 11:30am. For those who have been through Basics I, this is the natural progression to increase your dance basics form and certainty. This level is also for anyone who has prior dance training, would like a little faster-paced class and to refine their dance form and technique.  Later I will be offering a Dance Basics Boot Camp III. This is the Boot Camp for more advanced dancers. Those who are more proficient and comfortable in dance class and who have streamlined the basics and have them solidly will excel at this level. This class concentrates even more on choreography and self-expression.

I love being able to help people who really want to dance, but feel that class is just not for them. With the Boot Camp, I’ve created a safe, stable, fun environment for anyone to develop the technique that you need to be able to dance freely, confidently, and have fun.

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