Special Events

Maria can assist you with dance lessons for your special event such as a wedding, corporate party and private party when you want to really show your guests how to tango!!!!

Here are a few testimonials from some very satisfied clients:

“Maria was very patient and careful with us and we made lots of stepwise progress in only a few lessons. She gave us confidence in to enjoy our first dance together and made us feel like we’d been doing this for 10 years.! Thanks again, and let us know if you get some group lessons going!”

“Maria was so friendly and accommodating in giving us dance lessons for our wedding reception first dance. She worked with our crazy schedule just weeks before our wedding to make sure we had it down. Her prices are so reasonable and definitely worth the money. We felt so comfortable with ourselves knowing that Maria spent time and helped us the way she did.”

“Our private dance lessons with Maria were incredibly helpful to prepare for our wedding. My husband and me felt like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire for the first dance.  We are grateful that Maria was able to provide us with basics that we will use forever.”