Student Spotlight: Kim Weis

Maria’s Dance Basics Boot Camp is nothing short of WONDERFUL!!!

It is great fun, combining a professional-level discipline with creativity and personal expression in a very safe, non-judgmental environment. Student Kim Weiss

I started the classes simply to get exercise and have gotten SO much more out of it.  I have gained stamina, increased my flexibility, and even notice improved memory!

One of my favorite elements of class is our duplication exercise where each student has the opportunity to lead a small group through spontaneous movement to music.  It allows for highly personal self-expression and fosters choreographic growth.  After several months in class, I have made noticeable progress and see it in my classmates as well.

I can’t say enough positive things about Maria as a dance instructor.  She is a true pro, a compassionate and creative teacher and extremely effective.  I always look forward to class and it is a highlight in my week!!


Find out more about the Dance Basics Boot Camp here–there’s a new one starting soon!