Student Spotlight: Lisa London

Lisa has been in the Dance Basics Boot Camp since we started the pilot last fall.  She’s a fantastic example of someone who really wanted to learn how to dance—and can now get through full combinations and look great doing it! Here’s what she had to say:Lisa London headshot

“I always wanted to be able to dance.  I have always been a big musical theater person and love to go to musicals to watch talented actors sing and dance. I would also watch classic movies like Singing in the Rain or American in Paris with Gene Kelly or Swing Time with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  Or movies like Chorus Line, All That Jazz, and Chicago and think to myself,  ‘It would be so fun to be able to dance.’ 

“Maria invited me to come take her class and try it out.  I thought to myself, I will give it a try even though I didn’t consider myself a dancer.   I started taking Maria’s class and what I learned is that Maria teaches things in a very simple beautiful way.  I took her Level I class where she teaches you the basic steps of dance and to my amazement, by the end of the 4 weeks, I pretty much new all the basic steps and could actually do them.

“By learning these basic steps, when I moved onto Level II, I was able to follow the routines easier and I could actually follow the whole routine and not get lost. Also, my body has gotten stronger from dancing on a weekly basis.

“I have been taking with Maria for about a year now and it is definitely something I look forward to every week.  It is a chance for me to create and dance and to focus on an activity that I very much enjoy.  And who knows? Maybe someday, I will get to perform a jazz routine in front of a crowd!!

“Thanks so much to Maria and her Dance Basics Boot Camp program!”