Student Spotlight: Nate St. Martin

Nate St. Martin headshotDanceCreate was originally suggested to me by my acting teacher in order to improve my movement and onstage presence. As I had no previous experience with dance or any kind of movement class, I was a bit weary about joining at first. After all, dance is for girls, right?!

When I started my first class, I felt extremely uncomfortable; I was tense, rigid, and very self-conscious doing things I’d never done before in front of all these strangers! But those feelings of embarrassment and insecurity quickly faded, for there is simply no room for such things in the warm, nurturing environment that DanceCreate provides for its students.

I have been through many classes and workshops on the performing arts, and I can honestly say that DanceCreate has been the most influential and transformational experience I have had thus far.

Maria Del Bagno is not just a teacher; she is a coach, mentor, and a beacon of inspiration for all those who wish to unleash their untapped potential as artists. Her class is a sanctuary in a chaotic world where peace of mind is hard to find; it is a place where you can be vulnerable, create freely, and learn to express yourself in ways you never imagined you could. You will enter a caterpillar, and float out with elegance, a beautiful butterfly!

DanceCreate will not only make you better physically, as it will improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility, but it will change you mentally and spiritually as well. Whereas I have always been a naturally shy and introverted person, I now move with more grace and carry myself with more confidence than I ever have before. And because I can express myself more freely , I am happier and more outgoing in my day-to-day life.

If you are looking to grow as a human being and let your art flourish far beyond what you dreamed was possible, then DanceCreate is the place for you. Just be ready for a commitment, because trust me, once you start dancing, you won’t want to stop!