Student Spotlight: Vicki McCarty

Vicky McCartyFrom the time I was around five years old through high school, my life was spent in dance classes, and I was fortunate to have studied with some brilliant artists like Roland Dupree, Bobby Banas, Carmelita Maracci among others…and I loved it.

Then college took over, careers and businesses created, followed by marriage and children, and leaving no spare time for “hobbies”. Forty years slipped by before crossing paths with the fabulous Maria Del Bagno. After a brief conversation she inspired me to try her Dance Basics Boot Camp, and I haven’t left since.

Doing what you love truly feeds your soul, and that’s what is different about Maria’s instruction…she cares as much about helping us tap into our joy as she does correcting our form. Maria also passed on a powerful message to me: “Never stop moving”, so even though I’m now a grandmother I will continue to move, to do what I love, and to dance.

Thank you Maria!