Maria is so passionate and entirely committed to her students.  She cares so much for every single person she teaches.  It is truly amazing and a very special quality.  Maria’s class is the only dance class that I love going to each week in LA.  She works with each student individually in class.  You feel like you are having a private class in a room full of people.

Alicia Silverstone

My Darling Maria…. finally I have an opportunity to realize all your hard work (via me) on a show that actually loves dancing. You have no idea what all those classes with you have done to increase my confidence with my body and dancing and the success I’m having on the show I owe to you.

Kate Ceberano

Maria Del Bagno is a joy to work with. She understands what actors need, makes them look great even if they are not dancers. She choreographed several songs for my different one woman musical comedy shows and they brought the house down.  She does everything as an artist who loves her work and the people she works with. I recommend her to any actor or dancer  who needs fast results, fun and a good time.

Irina Maleeva

Maria’s dance class has been wonderful for me.

I knew I needed dance training ever since landing a role in the ensemble a few years ago, where we danced almost every number. But I didn’t know where to start.

Now my posture has improved and I carry myself so much better.

I didn’t realize how much impact her class would have on my acting, singing, personal appearance and probably even professional life.

And of course I can dance now. Way to go Maria!

Tom Beau

DanceCreate was originally suggested to me by my acting teacher in order to improve my movement and onstage presence. As I had no previous experience with dance or any kind of movement class, I was a bit weary about joining at first. After all, dance is for girls, right?!

When I started my first class, I felt extremely uncomfortable; I was tense, rigid, and very self-conscious doing things I’d never done before in front of all these strangers! But those feelings of embarrassment and insecurity quickly faded, for there is simply no room for such things in the warm, nurturing environment that DanceCreate provides for its students.

I have been through many classes and workshops on the performing arts, and I can honestly say that DanceCreate has been the most influential and transformational experience I have had thus far.

Maria Del Bagno is not just a teacher; she is a coach, mentor, and a beacon of inspiration for all those who wish to unleash their untapped potential as artists. Her class is a sanctuary in a chaotic world where peace of mind is hard to find; it is a place where you can be vulnerable, create freely, and learn to express yourself in ways you never imagined you could. You will enter a caterpillar, and float out with elegance, a beautiful butterfly!

DanceCreate will not only make you better physically, as it will improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility, but it will change you mentally and spiritually as well. Whereas I have always been a naturally shy and introverted person, I now move with more grace and carry myself with more confidence than I ever have before. And because I can express myself more freely , I am happier and more outgoing in my day-to-day life.

If you are looking to grow as a human being and let your art flourish far beyond what you dreamed was possible, then DanceCreate is the place for you. Just be ready for a commitment, because trust me, once you start dancing, you won’t want to stop!

Nate St. Martin

Maria’s Dance Basics Boot Camp is nothing short of WONDERFUL!!!

It is great fun, combining a professional-level discipline with creativity and personal expression in a very safe, non-judgmental environment.

I started the classes simply to get exercise and have gotten SO much more out of it. I have gained stamina, increased my flexibility, and even notice improved memory!

One of my favorite elements of class is our duplication exercise where each student has the opportunity to lead a small group through spontaneous movement to music.  It allows for highly personal self-expression and fosters choreographic growth.  After several months in class, I have made noticeable progress and see it in my classmates as well.

I can’t say enough positive things about Maria as a dance instructor. She is a true pro, a compassionate and creative teacher and extremely effective. I always look forward to class and it is a highlight in my week!!

Kim Weis

I’ve been dancing with Maria for about one year and her class is one of my greatest joys. I can’t say enough about how she’s made it safe for me to learn and discover.

She teaches about working at our own ‘gradient’, which means I can be where I am, and learn technique and choreography without judgment. Her classes give me the feeling I can move with grace and dance from inside the music. From the moment we’re in class and the tone is set by her positive intentions to the end, where I’ve danced with my heart open it’s been a wonderful challenge, a workout and so fun!

Thank you Maria, for being not just a great dance teacher but also a real role model for me as a strong and beautiful woman in the world!

Suwon Weaver

Rio started out in the Wednesday night DanceCreate open level jazz class, and has also joined our Dance Basics Boot Camp on Saturday. Here’s what he had to say:

“I can honestly say that it’s been such a blast being in Maria’s class. When I first joined, I had recently finished recovering from a broken foot injury. Starting out, certain things were harder for me because I was still getting my strength back. But I stuck to it and sure enough I started to feel such a difference in myself; not only physically but mentally as well.

“I started to feel more in tune with my body. I had more energy and just felt more relaxed and alive. Maria doesn’t just teach you how to dance. She teaches you how to own a room and feel comfortable in it. And for me being an actor, that speaks wonders.

“One of the many things that I love about class is that at the top of it, Maria always says that ‘there’s no criticism allowed in the space’ and if you feel like you’re being critical, then find something to admire. I use this in everyday life now. There have been times where I’ve felt down and critical and in those moments I always tell myself, ‘find something to admire.’

“Every week I look forward to class and every week I get better and better. Not only is Maria a wonderful teacher, she’s a wonderful friend as well.

“Thank you for all your love and support, Maria!”

Rio Magdaleno

I found Maria through a friend and am so glad I did!

I’ve been with her for about 6 months now, taking both classes and private instruction. I’ve always wanted to be a dancer, but because of some bad experiences from a young age I always felt I lacked what it took. Maria believes anyone can dance and creates a stress-free, uncritical environment in her classes that allow you to learn at a pace you can maintain and feel good about.

In her classes, Maria works to maintain a workshop atmosphere where you can ask for the help and clarification you need and feel great about the progress you make every time you go to class. No frantic, demoralizing attempts to keep up with dance steps!

Maria also has a way of breaking down the fundamentals of dance in a manner that is very logical and un-intimidating. You feel like you are actually learning the essential structure of dance and the internal logic of your own body. I feel like I am building a solid foundation that will serve me for the rest of my life.

Thank you Maria!

Liz Liljenquis

Before I started training with Maria I hadn’t danced since I was a kid. I would dance everyday as a kid with my big sister who was my main inspiration. Aside, from the occasional dance outings with friends, dance was pretty absent from my life until I met Maria.  She helped re-introduce that feeling I used have dancing when I was a kid. Free, full of life, creative and invincible.  Dancing with Maria has helped me redefine what confidence and self-expression means to me. And to re-discover the strength and passion I once had as a kid. As an actress dance has helped me in terms of movement and improvisation. Maria has helped remind me that I cannot live without dance and that I have much to learn and grow.

Rain Valdez

Thank you Maria for giving me my voice back in dance.  As a dancer, I had lost my way for a long time. Your classes not only motivate me to show up, but to bring everything I have to the table. My dancing and choreography has grown so much. They are more creative and genuine than ever before. Thank you for your honesty as a teacher and as an artist!

Crystal McGinnis

From the time I was around five years old through high school, my life was spent in dance classes, and I was fortunate to have studied with some brilliant artists like Roland Dupree, Bobby Banas, Carmelita Maracci among others…and I loved it.

Then college took over, careers and businesses created, followed by marriage and children, and leaving no spare time for “hobbies”. Forty years slipped by before crossing paths with the fabulous Maria Del Bagno. After a brief conversation she inspired me to try her Dance Basics Boot Camp, and I haven’t left since.

Doing what you love truly feeds your soul, and that’s what is different about Maria’s instruction…she cares as much about helping us tap into our joy as she does correcting our form. Maria also passed on a powerful message to me: “Never stop moving”, so even though I’m now a grandmother I will continue to move, to do what I love, and to dance.

Thank you Maria!

Vicki McCarty

“My class is a safe space for all dancers at all levels.” This was the first thing Maria said in my first class with her, and it has been true in every class I’ve taken with her since.

I hadn’t worked on my dance technique for many years, and was a bit worried about keeping up in the class. But Maria teaches on a gradient and shows you how to adjust the moves to suit your ability level. This is liberating because it makes the class inclusive…you don’t have to do everything perfectly in order to participate. As my confidence has grown and my technique improved, the moves have become easier for me in every class.

I still have a way to go when it comes to polishing my technique and picking up choreography quickly, but I’ll have fun getting there in Maria’s classes!

Doreese Norman

Maria’s Dance Basics Boot Camp helped me land a national commercial where I sing and dance! Being in the class taught me to be more in tune with my body and to feel confident with movement. I was able to move easily in front of the casting directors and use a few simple dance steps taught in class! I wouldn’t have looked as professional if I didn’t have Maria’s training and positivity.

Jessica Lynn Parsons

Maria’s Dance Basics Boot Camp is great for everyone! From someone who wants to start with the basics to someone who has been dancing for years and just wants to up their game. 

When I first began Maria’s class I felt like I had two left feet. By the end, I felt more confident in my dance ability and movement than I ever have before. I love how Maria makes choreography easy.

Each week besides learning key dance steps you get to use them in fun combinations. I love that this dance class keeps my body moving, my feet dancing, and lets me be expressive with all my heart.

You will love this class!

Carmella Jenkins

Phoebe started out with us in the Dance Basics Boot Camp I. Here’s what she had to say:

While scrolling through the “perks” offered for donating to my friend’s crowd-funding campaign, I saw “Dance Classes with Maria Del Bagno.” I immediately clicked the link to select that perk and gladly made my donation. I was beyond excited to see that choice! It had been years since I learned some basic dance with Maria in my musical theater class and I had always threatened to get back to it. This was the kickstart I needed – pun intended! 

Maria’s Dance Basics Boot Camp started me back at the very beginning, which I truly needed and appreciated. I didn’t hesitate to sign up for another series and then another. I’m now in my third month as a regular member of Dance Basics Boot Camp II! I’m having so much fun incorporating the steps we’ve learned into combinations with some of the best music. I don’t know how she does it, but every week there is more than one song selection that hits me to the core and makes me connect, body and heart, to the movement.

I came to class with a couple of specific goals and I’m achieving them, one class at a time. Maria creates a safe and positive environment where I can not only get my body moving again, which is one of my goals, but I can move through all of the self-consciousness in my head to take me to a place of pure joy and love for dance. I’m still fumbling through some of the moves and learning how to figure out the arms once I get the feet doing the right things. But, as Maria says, making mistakes is how we learn and I’m embracing the process, mistakes and all. Every single person in the class generates such beauty and positive energy that I’m so grateful I showed up each week and I look forward to the next week as soon as it’s over.

Phoebe Carter

Krystal has been with DanceCreate for over a year now. We have enjoyed seeing her progress, especially in the Dance Basics Boot Camp.

“When I first started coming to Maria’s class, I had never taken dance before. I grew up making up dances with my friends and ‘performing’ them for their moms or stuffed animals. It was scary, that first class. But Maria has a way of putting you at ease and making you feel welcome. One of the first things we do in class is admire one another and ourselves. It creates a safe environment for you to express yourself. I’ve struggled with confidence for years and it’s become an even greater struggle ever since I decided to become an actor. I can honestly say that I have grown tremendously in skill and confidence, not just as an actor and dancer, but as a person. I’m not trying to hide in the background, I’m ready to be seen and it’s thanks to Maria.”

Krystal Mula

I joined DanceCreate about a year ago and it is one of the best decisions I have made for myself as an entertainer. Working with Maria Del Bagno has not only turned me into someone confident in their dancing abilities but has also helped me be a better actor.

I don’t find it to be a coincidence that shortly after beginning working with her I booked a print job and a Hulu commercial within a few months’ time because I had become more confident and aware of my own stage presence. I’m six feet 210 pounds and broad shouldered so when people (and casting directors) look at me they don’t see a dancer but now I love seeing the looks on people’s faces when they see my moves. There is no flinch when I see a role or audition and there is a description that requests dancers. I know I can compete.

DanceCreate has helped open new avenues for me in terms of my casting, my art, and my career as an entertainer. If you’re looking to add to your repertoire, Maria Del Bango and DanceCreate is a great place to go.

Ray Holdridge

Lisa has been in the Dance Basics Boot Camp since we started the pilot last fall.  She’s a fantastic example of someone who really wanted to learn how to dance—and can now get through full combinations and look great doing it! Here’s what she had to say:

“I always wanted to be able to dance.  I have always been a big musical theater person and love to go to musicals to watch talented actors sing and dance. I would also watch classic movies like Singing in the Rain or American in Paris with Gene Kelly or Swing Time with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  Or movies like Chorus Line, All That Jazz, and Chicago and think to myself,  ‘It would be so fun to be able to dance.’ 

“Maria invited me to come take her class and try it out.  I thought to myself, I will give it a try even though I didn’t consider myself a dancer.   I started taking Maria’s class and what I learned is that Maria teaches things in a very simple beautiful way.  I took her Level I class where she teaches you the basic steps of dance and to my amazement, by the end of the 4 weeks, I pretty much new all the basic steps and could actually do them.

“By learning these basic steps, when I moved onto Level II, I was able to follow the routines easier and I could actually follow the whole routine and not get lost. Also, my body has gotten stronger from dancing on a weekly basis.

“I have been taking with Maria for about a year now and it is definitely something I look forward to every week.  It is a chance for me to create and dance and to focus on an activity that I very much enjoy.  And who knows? Maybe someday, I will get to perform a jazz routine in front of a crowd!!

“Thanks so much to Maria and her Dance Basics Boot Camp program!”

Lisa London