Alicia Silverstone

Alicia SilverstoneMaria is so passionate and entirely committed to her students.  She cares so much for every single person she teaches.  It is truly amazing and a very special quality.  Maria’s class is the only dance class that I love going to each week in LA.  She works with each student individually in class.  You feel like you are having a private class in a room full of people.



Rain Valdez

Rain ValdezBefore I started training with Maria I hadn’t danced since I was a kid. I would dance everyday as a kid with my big sister who was my main inspiration. Aside, from the occasional dance outings with friends, dance was pretty absent from my life until I met Maria.  She helped re-introduce that feeling I used have dancing when I was a kid. Free, full of life, creative and invincible.  Dancing with Maria has helped me redefine what confidence and self-expression means to me. And to re-discover the strength and passion I once had as a kid. As an actress dance has helped me in terms of movement and improvisation. Maria has helped remind me that I cannot live without dance and that I have much to learn and grow.

Irina Maleeva

Irina MaleevaMaria Del Bagno is a joy to work with. She understands what actors need, makes them look great even if they are not dancers. She choreographed several songs for my different one woman musical comedy shows and they brought the house down.  She does everything as an artist who loves her work and the people she works with. I recommend her to any actor or dancer  who needs fast results, fun and a good time.

Kate Ceberano

Kate CeberanoMy Darling Maria…. finally I have an opportunity to realize all your hard work (via me) on a show that actually loves dancing. You have no idea what all those classes with you have done to increase my confidence with my body and dancing and the success I’m having on the show I owe to you.


Alli Cocozzella

Alli CocozzellaFrom the moment I stepped into Maria’s class about I knew it was going to change my life. Most dance classes are the same nowadays. Stretching for fifteen minutes, learning the choreography at ninety miles per hour and dancing it until the next class proceeds in the room.  This is not the case with Maria’s class. She puts artistry above everything. Throughout my years of studying with Maria I have become not only a better dancer, but have become an artist. She has taught me to create with feeling instead of steps. Yes, technique is important but the emotion and love that are brought to the dance is of most importance. Due to Maria’s amazing training and encouragement I have learned to adapt to all styles of dance. Trying any position I can possibly get my body into and not judging myself because it doesn’t look exactly like the person to the left of me. I have learned to accept my flaws, mistakes and downfalls, but continue to pick myself up and keep going because my artistry is the most important thing to me.

Crystal McGinnis

Crystal McGinnisThank you Maria for giving me my voice back in dance.  As a dancer, I had lost my way for a long time. Your classes not only motivate me to show up, but to bring everything I have to the table. My dancing and choreography has grown so much. They are more creative and genuine than ever before. Thank you for your honesty as a teacher and as an artist!




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